Those aiming high should aim straight

True to this philosophy we have been listening to our clients and fulfilling their individual needs since 1946. In the course of time we have developed and continue to develop our areas of expertise. Today we can present a range of cans and glasses which is unique in its diversity.

Achieving maximum precision

We set the highest possible standards for the quality of our products. It is our ambition to exceed the expectations of our clients, stakeholders, employees, suppliers and owners. Testament to the success of our endeavours are numerous satisfied customers with whom we have established long-term working relationships.


Maximum Service

Optimal customer service is for us a matter of course. We strive to satisfy our clients' every request and requirement. Our experienced and dedicated creative team serves our clients with professionalism and fervor.


Contunually improvong performance
"Unlike the others, better than the others." This is the governing idea which guides our company. Continuously challenging accepted ideas and lateral thinking often enable radically new solutions which benefit our clients. In addition, we strive constantly to improve our products and services.


Acting together
In cooperation with our clients we develop innovative concepts for products which assist them attain their company targets. One of our strengths is the pronounced user-friendly nature of our solutions.


We know:
Only when our clients succeed, will we also succeed.